SignOn History
Founding Members
Karen Carlson
Laurie Reese Reinhardt
Karen K. Graham
Beth Schoenberg
Jody Mayer
Francie Sorenson
Molly McGuire

SignOn's History

SignOn was formed early in 1997 by seven experienced sign language interpreters. We wanted to answer the question: how can we provide high quality communication services for deaf and hearing people while also providing a supportive environment for interpreters.
Interpreters, historically work alone. Some interpreters expressed a desire to work in a group so they can benefit from supervision and mentoring. We also felt that, in a group, we would be better able to support our deaf consumers and we could be more accommodating to our hearing clients as well.

Our response was to create a vision of the highest goals for the Seattle interpreting community – which encompasses deaf people, hearing people, and the interpreters that help them communicate. We then devised a plan to achieve those goals. SignOn opened its doors October 1, 1997 after 8 months of researching, planning and soul searching.

We set up office in one of our owners’ bedrooms and the seven owners conducted all the business of SignOn including scheduling, interpreting, billing, coffee buying and just about everything else. Since 1997 we have hired many talented people to assist us in these varied tasks.

SignOn employs a full compliment of administrative staff to assure excellent customer service. We also have many highly skilled staff and contractual interpreters available to meet your interpreting needs. We also have embarked on cutting edge technology in the interpreting field – video relay interpreting. Using computers, phone lines, and video cameras, deaf and hearing individuals can communicate through a sign language interpreter when they are in different locations – often in different cities. Ask us how! We are always happy to consult and help you find the most effective means of communicating between deaf and hearing people.