Real-time Captioning : Voice-To Text Services Wherever You Are

Often the most effective means of communication for some deaf people is the printed, English word. Sometimes a person wants to see, word for word, an exact English written transcription of a meeting or class while it’s happening. Using remote computer technology a real-time reporter will type in text using equipment very similar to that used by court reporters in the courtroom. A deaf person can watch a video screen and have an instantaneous, exact transcription of any conversation or speech that’s being presented. SignOn can arrange for real time captioning either alone or in conjunction with sign language interpreter services. This is an excellent service for deaf people who aren’t fluent in sign language, as are many people who become deaf later in life or are hard of hearing. Captioning is also an accessibility solution for those people who prefer English text as their means of communication.

SignOn partners with ACS, Alternative Communication Services, to provide high quality text based communication access. ACS provides CART (Computer Assisted Real-Time Captioning), TypeWell, and a variety of other types of text-based services. With just one phone call you can access sign language interpreting, text-based voice to English, or both!

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